And yet her work is at the core of every mechanical analytic engine.

Alek, "Bonus Goliath Chapter"

Ada, Countess of Lovelace was a British boffin whose work is often used by Clankers. In real life, she worked with Charles Babbage to program his Analytical Engine, which was not built until after her death.

In the seriesEdit

Ada Lovelace is mentioned when Adela Rogers asks Alek what he is dressed as at the Zoological Society New Years party. Though Alek had not previously considered who he was dressed as, Alek tells her that he is dressed as Ada Lovelace. Alek describes how her work is used in many Clanker devices, such as the balance system of his Stormwalker. Talking about her work reminds Alek that he has not piloted a walker in a long time, he wonders when he will pilot one next. He hopes his next mission for the society puts him in a clanker country, where he could pilot a walker.


  • Ada Lovelace is mentioned often by Dess in Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters Trilogy.

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