The SMS Beowulf is a German walker which was originally used to chase Alek's Cyklop Stormwalker. Most likely it is one of the more main-line battle walker designs used by the Kaiser's Land Navy. The Beowulf is also called a "German land Dreadnought".

In the seriesEdit

When Alek is still uncertain about whether or not Volger and Klopp are telling the truth about his parents' deaths and are not just kidnapping him, he sees the SMS Beowulf and thinks that it is a rescue ship. Alek tries to get their attention, and the Beowulf fires at them, which almost gets them killed. When the Beowulf loses sight of the Cyklop Stormwalker, the ship sends scouts on horseback to continue the chase. The SMS Beowulf contines to hunt Alek by shooting artillery fire at Alek's fleeing walker. When Alek's walker is lost in the trees, scouts from the SMS Beowulf hunt them down and attach phospherous flares so the main guns attached to the SMS Beowulf can fire on them.