Captain Hobbes is the captain of the Leviathan. Hobbes does not discover Deryn's secret, and seems to consider her a good soldier, personally giving her a medal and a dangerous but important assignment. Hobbes is suspicious of Alek for much of the series, though Alek sometimes wants to be acknowledged as a member of the crew by Hobbes.

In the seriesEdit

Hobbes seems to be a typical British officer during the Great War, effective but often following rules to an extreme. Dr. Barlow calls him an idiot on at least one occasion. He assigns Deryn to spy on Alek, and summons Alek to the bridge of the Leviathan after Klopp and Alek act without orders. However, Hobbes never creates any serious obstacles to Alek or Deryn. At the end of Goliath, Hobbes approves a medal for Alek's actions on the spine of the Leviathan during a hurricane.


  • Hobbes' name is probably a reference to the philosopher Thomas Hobbes, who wrote the philosophical text Leviathan in 1651.
  • The captain is seen in a Manual illustration holding a peace treaty.