A clockwork servant in a car of the Orient Express.

Clockwork servants are used in many places in Istanbul, and are probably popular in many other Clanker countries as well. Clockwork servants are used for household tasks which would normally be accomplished by human servants.

In the seriesEdit

Deryn sees a mechanical bartender when she hides on the Orient Express saloon car. She also notices an advertisement for clockwork servants in a German newspaper at the Hotel Hagia Sophia.

Clockwork walkers are used in the Istanbul library to bring books to the patrons after they enter punch cards into the catalog. These walkers have four legs, and Deryn compares them to dogs. Though they are small, they can carry several heavy books; Deryn's carries twelve books.

Nene's walking clockwork bed may also be a kind of clockwork servant. The bed moves like a turtle, and carries Nene though her house and balcony. The surface of the legs are designed to look like a reptile's skin. The bed has a canopy and is covered in mosquito netting.