This wasn't some training machine—it was a real engine of war, a Cyklop Stormwalker.


A Cyklop Stormwalker is a two legged walking machine. Alek pilots one in Leviathan until it is destroyed by a zeppelin in the Swiss Alps.


Stormwalkers are large, yet cramped, bipedal combat walkers. They move about via two chicken-style legs, each protected by a metal plate decorated with the Iron Cross. The main chasis is large and bulky, with the fuel tanks mounted outside the main body above the legs. This position of the tanks protects the crew from the possibility of being killed if they explode, at the cost of exposing them to gunfire, and thus, deprivation of the walker's fuel. The entry hatch is located in the walker's pelvis, and sports a heavy metal chain ladder protected by spikes. There are two vision slits for the crew to look outside; one to the right of the main gun, and one on the front of the walker's "head," as well as a hatch on top for a crewman to poke out of for an easy view of the walker's surroundings. The engine block is mounted on the back, and the entire machine is assisted in staying upright via a balance system.

Crew, stats and armamentEdit

Stormwalkers require a crew of five, including a commander and a pilot, though the interior cabin can support more than five people, at the expense of elbow room. It's power comes from dual Kerosene-powered Daimler engines. Its armaments include two MG-08 Spandau Heavy machine guns for close quarters and anti-infantry combat, and a 57 mm cannon for long range bombardments and anti-armor battles. These armaments, however, are mainly designed for fighting anything short of a land dreadnought.

In the seriesEdit

Count Volger and Otto Klopp take Alek to the Stormwalker and tell him that they are planning a night piloting exercise for him to get him to go along with their escape. Alek, Volger, Klopp, Bauer, and Hoffman are chased by the Germans through Austria when they travel to Switzerland in the Stormwalker. Both Alek and Klopp pilot the machine; Alek usually pilots at night because he has better eyesight.

Deryn, Dr. Barlow, and Tazza all ride in the Stormwalker on their way to and from the castle to get food for the Leviathan, and the Stormwalker hauls the food back to the airship with a sled made from a door from the Castle. The Stormwalker is destroyed by a bomb from a zeppelin, but Alek is able to trade the engines to the crew of the Leviathan in exchange for passage on the ship to the Ottoman Empire.