Tesla uses the walking stick against fighting bears.

The electrical walking stick is an invention that Nikola Tesla carries which can fire electricity out of its tip. Everyone agrees that his walking stick is quite dangerous and Tesla promises the captain he won’t use it on the ship.

In the seriesEdit

In Goliath, the Leviathan comes to rescue Tesla and a ship wrecked crew of Russian soldiers. Deryn wonders how the shipwrecked crew survived in the wilderness with the fighting bears. Upon meeting Tesla, Deryn notices his, “peculiar walking stick.” When the starved Russian fighting bears come for them, Tesla seems indifferent and Deryn believes he is mad. Tesla then uses his electrical walking stick to fend them off.

Near the end of Goliath, in an attempt to stop Tesla from firing his weapon and save Deryn and Berlin, Alek ends up electrocuting Tesla to death with his electrical walking stick.

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