Corporal Hans Bauer is a member of the Hapsburg Guard who helps Alek flee Austria-Hungary after the death of Alek's parents. He is around twenty years old. He is a gunner on board the Stormwalker, and he also comes to Istanbul with Alek and Otto Klopp.

Early lifeEdit

Bauer tells Alek that he, like the other men selected by Franz Ferdinand to escape to Switzerland with Alek, do not have families. Bauer says that his family did not have enough food and sent him to work for Franz Ferdinand.

In the seriesEdit

Hoffman teaches Bauer more mechancal skills when they are on the Leviathan, and tells him that he is more useful to the mechanics of the Leviathan than Mr. Hirst.

Bauer helps Alek and Hoffman assemble Tesla's magnetometer. In America, Bauer leaves Alek's service with Klopp and Hoffman to work for Ford Walkers.


Bauer is always very reverent towards Alek, sometimes too much so, as in when Bauer and Alek go to find out information about German agents in an Ottoman coffee shop. He continually calls Alek "sir," and constantly reminds himself to call Alek "Fritz."

Bauer offers Alek words of encouragement and trusts his leadership. And Alek begins to value Bauer’s opinion. Bauer considers his service to Alek and his father to be his duty. Despite the situation, Bauer keeps a positive attitude and a sense of humor.