Jaspert Sharp is the older brother of Deryn Sharp. Like his sister, he was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, and is likely seventeen or eighteen years old. He serves as a coxswain aboard the British airship Minotaur.

Jaspert and Deryn are quite close, aside from some typical older-brother teasing. Both Jaspert and Deryn were taught about airmanship from their father, but Deryn believes that she is better at flying than her brother. Jaspert may believe this as well, because he obtains a commission for her, which would mean that she would eventually outrank him if she were promoted. Jaspert helped Deryn disguise herself as a boy to join the Royal Air Service, indicating that he does not mind her tomboyish personality and understands her longing to fly. It is not known if Jaspert would have helped Deryn join the Service if he had known a war was about to begin.