A kraken destroys an old ship

Kraken are large, squid-like creatures often used by the British to attack enemy ships. They are a Darwinist fabrication, made from the life-threads of squid and octopus by the fabricator of Huxleys. Clankers often use metal kraken nets and fighting arms to keep them away from their ships. They are similar to the mythical sea monster of the same name.

In the seriesEdit

In Leviathan, Deryn and Newkirk observe a kraken destroy a ship in a training exercise. The kraken comes to destroy the ship after the fléchette bats have torn up the rigging and sails. The kraken's tentacles wrap around the ship and crush it. Deryn thinks that the kraken may be annoyed because it cannot eat any crewman from the unmanned ship.

In Behemoth, Deryn uses vitriolic barnacles to destroy kraken nets so that the behemoth can reach Istanbul.