For the novel, see Leviathan (novel).

The Leviathan is a British airship, actually a fabricated beast moved by electric motivator engines. The Leviathan is one of the fastest Darwinist airships, and is able to match speed with any German zeppelin. Dr. Barlow was one of the boffins who helped fabricate the Leviathan. This is the ship on which Deryn Sharp serves as a midshipman.

During the series, the Leviathan makes an around the world journey that takes it to the Ottoman Empire, Russia, Japan, Mexico and the United States. The Leviathan is commanded by Captain Hobbes.

In the seriesEdit

The Leviathan finds Deryn when she and her Huxley become stranded during the first part of her middies test. She is eventually allowed to stay on the airship, which picks up Dr. Barlow at the London Zoo to take her to Istanbul. Along the way, the Leviathan crashes in the Alps, where Alek finds it. When the original Darwinist-built engines are destroyed by Germans, Alek offers the Clanker engines of his ruined Cyklop Stormwalker to get the Leviathan to Istanbul. In exchange, he and his men come aboard the airship, initially to reach Istanbul, but they stay on the Leviathan for much longer.


The Leviathan contains many kinds of fabricated beasts as part of its makeup, including strafing hawks, message lizards, fléchette bats, hydrogen sniffers, Huxleys, and bees.

Man bridge

The Leviathan's bridge.


The bridge of the Leviathan is where the master wheel, navigation equipment, and communication equipment are monitered and controlled. The bridge of a ship is always presided over by an Officer of the Watch aided by an Able Seaman/Airman. A coxswain mans the wheel, and the navigation equipment is manned by navigators. The Captain might be on the bridge at points such as docking, or combat. Midshipman Deryn Sharp often likes to observe the officers on the bridge.


The rookery is where the Leviathan's birds, such as message birds and strafing hawks, are kept. Deryn takes the two headed eagle here when it arrives with the czar's message.

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