Leviathan map

Map of the powers in the Great War

The Leviathan Universe is the world in which the Leviathan series is set. It is an alternate-universe, which means that what happened in the real world is not necessarily what has happened or will happen in the Leviathan Universe. This world is in the Great War, not unlike the real World War I. The competing powers are the Clankers and the Darwinists, which are comparable to the Central and Entente powers in the real world.

One of the main differences between this world and the real world is the creation of fabricated beasts by Charles Darwin sometime in the mid-nineteenth century. This created two competing world technologies, and added yet another reason for the world to go to war in 1914. Presumably, this is what sparked many of the other differences between the Leviathan Universe and the real world.

Differences between the Leviathan Universe and the Real WorldEdit

  • The technology, the biggest difference in the series, is based in a fantastic sort of technology usually called "Steampunk", basically steam-powered, circa industrial revolution machines but edging the impossible such as legged-walking machines and giant Tesla coils able to fire lightning bolts enough to set a zeppelin ablaze.
  • The Entente powers (UK, Italy, France, etc), or Darwinists, instead created Fabricated Beasts, creatures genetically modified to serve certain purposes, such as a hydrogen balloon based upon a Jellyfish or huge mammoth-like pachyderms to pull large carriages, to even firefly-like insects in streetlamps.
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife were assassinated in Sarajevo with a pistol in daytime in the real world, but were poisoned at night in the Leviathan world.
  • Walkers were created, based upon Darwinist fabricated land creatures, instead of tanks and automobiles.
  • The Great War only lasted one year in the Leviathan Universe, but lasted four in the real world.
  • The Americans joined the war in late 1914 in the Leviathan universe.
  • Austria-Hungary seems to have eclipsed Germany as the major power of Central Europe and the head of the Clanker nations after the Great War. It also possibly evolves into a more Republic-style society after the war.
  • The Ottoman Empire survives under sultan rule until 1914, where a successful revolt by the Committee for Union and Progress transforms the government into "the Ottoman Republic." The initial 1902 revolution accomplished by the Committee in the real world failed in the Leviathan Universe due to German interference.
  • The British Empire continues to dominate the seas.
  • The Russian Revolution never happens.
  • A Treaty of Versailles analogue fails to happen, instead replaced with a fairly amiable "Treaty of Coexistence."

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