Mr. Hirst is the master engineer on the Leviathan. He helps Klopp, Alek, Hoffman and Bauer put the Stormwalker's engines on the Leviathan.

In the seriesEdit

At the end of Leviathan, Hirst has friendly relationships with the Clankers who come aboard the airship. However, in Behemoth Hirst fires an air pistol at Klopp when Klopp tries to turn the Leviathan around against orders to avoid a Tesla cannon. Alek pushes the pistol out of the way, but the bullet bounces around the engine pod and hits Alek instead. Hirst does not carry an air pistol while working with Alek afterwards, but Bauer and Hoffman still dislike him, and Hoffman says that he will never make a Clanker engineer out of Hirst. When Alek and his men escape from the Leviathan, they tie up and gag Hirst. Despite Hoffman's lack of confidence in Hirst, when Alek, Bauer, and Klopp are in the Istanbul, Hoffman seems to have been able to teach Mr. Hirst or the other engineers on the Leviathan how to run the Stormwalker's engines, because the Leviathan's crew no longer seem to require the help of the Clankers.