Mr. Rigby is the bosun on the Leviathan. He is in charge of Deryn and the other middies and gives them lessons in natural philosophy, navigation, and other subjects important to midshipmen. According to Deryn, he has good hearing and "could hear a discontented murmer in a Force 10 gale." Because of his excellent hearing, the midshipmen joke that his ears are fabricated. Deryn seems to somewhat dislike how protective Mr. Rigby sometimes is of the middies. Rigby is very tough, insisting on taking watch even after being shot.

In the seriesEdit

Mr. Rigby leads the midshipmen in their drills and lessons in Leviathan. Mr. Rigby is shot when the Leviathan crashes in the Swiss alps, and almost falls off of the ship until Deryn saves him and Newkirk by jumping off the opposite side.