Mr. Roland is the master rigger of the Leviathan. As a warrant officer, he does not think highly of midshipmen, including Deryn.

In the seriesEdit

When Deryn calls the sniffer dogs to help her stop Alek from leaving the Leviathan, Mr. Roland comes to see about the commotion. Deryn tells him about Alek coming to bring medicine and pulling out a gun while trying to leave. Mr. Roland notices that Alek's pistol is Austrian, and takes Alek to the officers of the Leviathan. When Deryn asks what she should do, he tells her to take the satchels that Alek brought to the boffins.

Mr. Roland is also the officer of the watch when Mr. Rigby spots the Herkules coming towards the Leviathan. Deryn must give his semaphore messages to Mr. Roland. Roland thinks that an eight-legged walker could not be very fast, but tells Deryn to "check with the Clankers" about it.