Fitzroy is a midshipman on the Leviathan when Deryn is found by the airship. He and Deryn do not get along. He thinks that he is better than many of the other midshipmen because his father is an ocean navy captain. He is one of the best middies with Huxleys, because he and Deryn are chosen to work with the Huxleys when the Leviathan picks up Dr. Barlow in Regent's Park. Fitzroy's first name is Robert, after the captain of the Beagle. [1]

In the seriesEdit

Fitzroy only appears in Leviathan. After he insults her in the middies' mess, Deryn plans to take revenge on him with a trick. However, this is not necessary, because Captain Hobbes and Dr. Busk announce to the middies that with the ones worst performance will have to leave the ship to make room for Dr. Barlow and her cargo. When Fitzroy and Deryn land their Huxleys, Deryn goes to escort Dr. Barlow, and Fitzroy is in charge of the ground crew. Fitzroy puts inexperienced men from the park, such as cricketeers, on the ropes. When the park becomes windy, Dr. Barlow and Deryn fear that the inexperienced men will hold on and be carried up with the Leviathan if a gust of wind carries the airship up. Dr. Barlow sends a message parrot to the captain, who blows the ballast, which causes the inexperienced men to let go. Fitzroy's mistake causes him to be one of the middies who must leave the Leviathan.


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