What, Tazza? I reckon he could lick you to death.

Deryn Sharp, Leviathan

Tazza is Dr. Barlow's pet and travelling companion. On board the Leviathan, Deryn is usually responsible for him. Tazza is first mistaken for a fabricated beast by both Deryn and Alek when they first meet him.

In the seriesEdit

Tazza is introduced in Leviathan when Deryn meets Dr. Barlow in Regent's Park.

In the "Bonus Goliath Chapter", Tazza attends the Zoological Society party with Dr. Barlow. He wears a tin halo to match Dr. Barlow's angel costume.

Physical descriptionEdit

Tazza is a thylacine, a creature more commonly known as a Tasmanian tiger (although they are more closely related to kangaroos and other marsupials). Thylacines have been extinct in the real world since the 1930s, but in the world of Leviathan they are likely have a continued existence. Like all thylacines, Tazza has stripes on his back, and a wide mouth. He is also described as sometimes walking around on his hind legs, "like a kangaroo."


Tazza can be playful at times, and enjoys shredding curtains and sniffing around in places that might be dangerous. Deryn and Newkirk usually take him for walks, as he gets jumpy when on board the ship without exercise. Dr. Barlow brings Tazza with her when she goes to Alek's castle, and he seems to enjoy riding in the Stormwalker.