The United States of America is neither a Darwinist nor Clanker country, as they use both technologies, mixing them where they see fit, such as Eddie Malone's fabricated firefly being used to light his Clanker camera. The South is predominately Darwinist and the North is predominately Clanker; these two technological traditions developed, and were fought for, during the civil war, making the war not only a fight between Slavery and Abolition, but also between technologies. Though the country reunited, both technologies are not commonly combined like they are in Imperialist Japan. However, Woodrow Wilson, the nation's current president, is a Darwinist with British sympathies, compared to late-president; Theodore Roosevelt, who was likely a Clanker.

According to Hearst, five percent of walker pilots are women and they seem to be gaining equal rights faster than in Britain. According to Malone, they have hydrogen breathers in America, but none as grand as the Leviathan. Because of the country's mixed technologies, both Darwinists and Clankers fear that the United States will join the war against them. The United States has a film industry, as illustrated by William Randolph Hearst's short films and newreels, including a newsreel of the Leviathan. Though the United States maintains neutrality thoughout most of the series, the country joins the Darwinists after learning of an attack on the Goliath by a German water-walker.

In Goliath, the Leviathan travels to Hearst's mansion in California and to New York, where Tesla constructed Goliath.

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