Waxesnostalgic and I have been working on the fanon portal, and we think that it is ready to be used. The permanent link to the fanon portal is on the top navigation, under the Community tab.

The fanon portal is a place where you can post your fanfiction, or links to your fanfiction on another site (deviantArt,, etc.). Details on how to post a fanfiction are on the Fanon Manual of Style. This part of the wiki is intended to be a directory of sorts for Leviathan fanfiction.

Fanon articles do not add to the number of articles on the wiki. The list of categories that currently exist are listed on the fanon portal, but others can be added as necessary.

Leviathan Wiki Fanon Portal

Any suggestions for the Fanon area of the wiki can be posted here, or on the talk page of an admin. Suggested changes to the Fanon Manual of Style should be posted on the related talk page.

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