Hi, this is MeredithBecca, the other admin. I have been making some changes to the wiki, such as editing the layout and the main page recently. I have changed the color of some minor things, including the category page thumbnails, on the css pages. Because only admins can change the css, if you have any comments about my changes please let me know.

We love to see others editing the wiki, so feel free. Any change can be reversed or removed, so you can't do any permanent damage. Even if you are partially wrong, you could be pointing out something that needs to be added or moved. There are other ways to participate besides editing articles, and anyone is free to make (relvant) blog posts about the Leviathan series, including fanfiction/fanart. This wiki (like all wikis) does not belong to the admins, but to the community.

We would like to know if people are using the wiki, and how helpful they are finding it. One of the purposes of this wiki is to be a reference for fanfiction/fanart, so if you have any suggestions about how we could do a better job on this, feel free to comment on this blog post.

Also, I was wondering if anyone would like to see some other features on the wiki, such as article comments on the bottom of pages (instead of talk pages), chat, or Top Ten Lists, and other features you may have seen on other wikis. I and waxesnostalgic did not know if there was any interest in these features, so we only added the ones that we were going to use, the badges and expanded navigation.

Here are some (bad) examples of what these features look like from the Twilight Wiki, which has most of the features enabled: (Top Ten Lists, article comments)

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