Aha! A second-generation rebel, as am I

–Zaven, Behemoth

Zaven is a leader of the Committee for Union and Progress. He is the father of Lilit and the son of Nene. His wife died in a revolution before Behemoth starts.

In the seriesEdit

Zaven first meets Alek when he rescues the prince from German agents in Istanbul. He then introduces Alek to the Committee, and convinces Lilit to trust Alek after she threatens him with a knife upon first meeting him. Zaven was educated at Oxford University in England and is thus able to tell Alek and Deryn what "perspicacious" means.

Zaven is one of the people who is told about the secret plan to take four walkers to destroy the Tesla cannon on the night that the behemoth attacks the German ships in the harbor near the Tesla cannon. Zaven pilots Şahmaran in the attack. After all of the other walkers are immobilized from attacks by elephant walkers and the Orient Express, Zaven pulls down the Tesla cannon with his walker, which kills him and destroys Şahmaran.

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