The Zoological Society of London is a British society responsible for the maintenance of the London Zoo. However, they also have a secret function as an international diplomatic organization and attempt to maintain peace and ensure victory for the Darwinist powers during the Great War.

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The Zoological Society is mentioned only in Goliath. Dr. Barlow tells Deryn that she works for the society, and asks her to leave the Air Service to become her assistant, although she remits her job offer soon after she discovers that Eddie Malone will soon write about Deryn's secret. After Alek persuades Malone to not publish the story, Dr. Barlow quickly offers Deryn the job again, and Deryn accepts, expecting that the shadowy society will be an easier place to keep a secret like hers.

After Alek gives up his right to the Austro-Hungarian throne, Deryn tells him that Dr. Barlow might have a job for him in the society. In Eddie Malone's article, Malone states that Alek has accepted a position with the society, though he wonders why a prince would accept a job as a "zookeeper."

Little is known about what the Zoological Society actually does. As in real life, it maintains the London Zoo and has royal patronage. It can be assumed that Dr. Barlow's mission to the Ottoman Empire was part of her work for the society. Dr. Barlow's associate, Peter C. Mitchell is also most likely a member of the society as well, as in real life he was the secretary of the society and responsible for its day-to-day activities. As with most societies with royal patronage, the society would usually have a noble patron as its head who actually had little to do with the society's mission and goals.

In the "Bonus Goliath Chapter", the Zoological Society host a fancy dress party in the Savoy Hotel, which Deryn, Alek, Volger, and Dr. Barlow attend.

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